Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Feast Photos

My menu's are almost always minimal- hinting at a dish or it's relation to the theme of the evening, with the intention of verbally explaining the dish as it sits in front of the guests.

Almond and Sunflower Shortbread, Olives, Oranges and Olive Oil Ice Cream, Pots du Creme with Carmel, Cherry & Vanilla, and Blackberries

Logo cake for my Uncle Ray & Family's dry cleaners
Cauliflower Soup with a Truffle Marshmallow,
Apple Cider Pulled Pork with Apples and Peas

These are images of one of my first attempts at using spherefication techniques- it is a spin on Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese- Smoked Parmesan Soup, Yellow Tomato Spheres and Rosemary Toasts
Rosemary Toasts
Fig Jam, Brie
Watermelon, Reduced BV, Basil Powder

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Before the wedding

Wedding time!  We cooked two pigs in a cahachina (sp?) box- you can see one is being butchered on a table, then our tattoo rings- then my husband Stuart (on the left)- and Thom- my right hand man- on the right... over the pigs in a box

A Feast In Yellowsprings

fennel and blood-orange salad with romano,  lamb and cardamom croquettes with roasted banana sauce, my favorite servers :)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Me,  working...

A trio of local veggies; carrots, parsnip puree, beets and thyme; lamb, cherries, pistachios; Potato skins, romesco, pretzel praline

Farmers Corn Soup, Scallops with Coco-nibs and Shitake and Crazy Rich Hazelnut Cake with Carmel Ice Cream

The most beautiful egg...

Baby Shower Cheesecakes

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beer Pairings for Smoke More Food Eat More Beer

Here is a list of beer pairings for the event on August 8. For this event it would be optimal to go to a place that offers mix'n'match six packs of beer. The Party Source offers single beers in their cooler section. I have highlighted the beers they have available at the party source. One twelve ounce beer should suffice for two or three people. Diners should bring one of each of the following:
1. Lager
2. Pilsner
3. Smoked Beer
4. American Brown Ale
6. American Porter
5. Stout (Chocolate)

Here are the beers available at the Party Source that are sold in singles for each category.

1. Lager - Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, Christian Moerlein Lager House

2. Pilsner - Konig Pilsner, Wurzburger Hofbrau, Czechwar, Pilsner Urquell, Brooklyn Pilsner

3. Smoked Beer - Shiner Smoke House, Stone Smoked Porter (warm beer aisle), Rogue Chipotle Ale (this will work for the dish as well and is located with the warm beer)

4. American Brown Ale - Abita Turbodog, Brooklyn Brown, Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

5. American Porter - Great Lakes Edmound Fitzgerald Porter, Anchor Porter, Bell's Porter

6. Stout - Bell's Expedition Stout, Sam Adams Imperial Stout, Christian Moerlein Stout, Great Lakes Blackout Stout

The Book that assisted me with the beer pairings is called "The Brewmaster's Table" by Garrett Oliver, who is the head brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smoke More Food, Eat More Beer*

August 8th- 7pm- 40$- r.s.v.p. to

Keep in touch for beer pairing suggestions- they will be posted by monday so you can pick up your brews before dinner- ( all other beverages are welcome and will not be snuffed at.)

*No lungs were injured in the making of the flyer; thanks to Emily for her lovely lips! 

...ahh yes, the rotation issue...

The Official Invite designed by Dean Hobble; the best intern I've ever had!

Guests were asked to participate in an box- smashing activity : a piƱata filled with poppy seed- orange blossom marshmallows.

More guests- and food photos