Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Upcoming Feasts:
Coming up with themes for these events is a balance of: dish concepts, ingredient muses, guests taste, locations, kitchens, book/art/nature inspirations as well as a whole lot of logistics. There are always four ridiculous ideas for every one reasonable- worthy one. Below is a list of ideas- some I have done in the past, others I am doing soon, and a few ideas that might never come to be.

Electric and Acoustic
Painted from Memory
Knife, Fork & Spoon
heat wave
Common Thread
"form and function"
The fall Phenomenon
Eating Outside the Box
Smoke more food Eat more beer
Hogworts Favorites (all the food you read about in Harry Potter...)
From Above
Adventures in Food Cartography
Reveling and Concealing (coming up...)
Honest & Elemental
Comes in Threes
Finger food
Earth Wind Water Fire
dirt food/dirty foods
mystery meal
History of 10 ingredients
(this is part of a "food nerd" series- set up with stations, you go up to a station and they have history of the item as well has twists on historical preparations- Other parts of this series include "science geek" with all the newish trends of playing with food like a scientist- as well is info about the science of how things cook- And a "wine dork" - self explanatory.
"I'm kind of a big deal"
I just liked that phrase for a while, but I think it would be appropriate for a feast with lots of young artists and performers and their work- to showcase to other creatives- maybe change the name to "their kind of a big deal"
agility (or other empowering words)
edible flowers
self contained
Spread the Love
A Valentines feast where tickets would be sold in groups of one or three- more of a mingle party with shots of "love potion"
Black Bowtie
I really want to do this one- Imagine a club from the 40's or 50's- with tables in a semi-circle around the stage- a live jazz band, with fancy food and drink- fancy gowns and occasional spurts of couples getting up to dance