Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smoke More Food, Eat More Beer*

August 8th- 7pm- 40$- r.s.v.p. to frannie@feastcincinnati.com

Keep in touch for beer pairing suggestions- they will be posted by monday so you can pick up your brews before dinner- ( all other beverages are welcome and will not be snuffed at.)

*No lungs were injured in the making of the flyer; thanks to Emily for her lovely lips! 

...ahh yes, the rotation issue...

The Official Invite designed by Dean Hobble; the best intern I've ever had!

Guests were asked to participate in an box- smashing activity : a piƱata filled with poppy seed- orange blossom marshmallows.

More guests- and food photos


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eating Outside the Box

Lovely guests enjoying their meal at "Eating Outside The Box"-  brown and white rice were served to arriving guests with room for the number of crazy sauces that were passed by servers throughout the night...