Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Had Me at Jello

This was a super fun project- With a Pulley- food in little packages arrived through out the night- guests were shocked when the started- but then kept peaking behind the stage excited for what was next. The Jello Table was awesome because it took people a while to feel comfortable picking up the different cubes of flavor- but once they warmed up to the idea it was a magnet - pulling you back for more.

The Pully

The Cocktail Party

"The Cocktail Party" Team: Lisa Kagen, Frances Kroner, Thom McKenna

Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Job So here goes my official announcement: I'm going to be the Chef at Picnic And Pantry: ! Lisa Kagen (of Melt) is opening a boutique grocery aka micro-market - filled with good food - and I will be stocking the shelves with ready to go foods and snacks- We will also be catering and offering some other really exciting food events down the road.

Although I will be crazy busy for the next few months (we are to open some time in may!) Feast will stay alive! Feel free to write if you want to host one- And stay tuned for our opening party & feasts in the future Yeah!