Monday, February 15, 2010

No Nose Makes Menu Planing Difficult

While attempting to draw in new guests to feast- We are throwing several dinner parties in a row. Now all those who have wanted to come can choose between dates and schedule further in advance than we previously made possible. Makes sense.... but I (Frannie) have a cold. Having a cold now for a few days while trying to write up menu's for these feasts has brought me back to a realization I made in junior high- I used to love being sick then- it meant going home and watching movies, being pampered... But then the day came when I realized the major downfall of being sick. I was sitting there in the lunch room all stuffed up, trying to figure out why on earth my thin-mints didn't taste. Yep thats all, they didn't taste.

You use your nose to taste 70% of what you eat so when you can't smell, well lets just say it's an unfortunate turn of events for a girl who thinks about what she's going to have for lunch several days in advance.

Fear not partygoers- menu's will be planned- and this cold will break! But until then I will be eating the same hard-boiled eggs for all meals a day until it dose.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wine me Dine me Introduction

February 20, 2010

Our next event will be in Northside (surprise, surprise). We will have a Brian from City Cellars there to pour, answer questions and let us in on some wine facts that will help even the pourist of wine enthusiasts make a more proper paring. 7pm- e-mail for reservation & location.